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Online exercise could save independen­t gym


An independen­t gym is running virtual classes to keep people engaged and active during lockdown.

Exercise is often used as a stress-buster but now, more than ever, it has been emphasised how important it is for our mental and physical well-being.

Warehouse Health Club in Aberdeen is hoping to make a difference in the community by running online workouts.

Director Kerry Smith has been “humbled” by the response so far and is happy she has been able to reach out to people.

Anyone can join in via their Facebook page for free but some non-members got in touch to ask if they could contribute because they were regularly taking part.

“All of these little things make a big difference,” Ms Smith said.

“We are one of the last local independen­t standalone gyms in the city and this uncertain time will make us or break us

“Even if people cancel their membership­s, we’re still saying come and join in, watch our workouts.

“I’m trying to keep people engaged and active whenever I can. If people are stuck indoors, they’ll go crazy, they need that outlet.”

A GoFundMe page has now been set up for anyone wishing to donate, a link to which can be found on the gym’s Facebook page. highlight some of the films from last year’s inaugural festival at the Belmont Filmhouse in Aberdeen.

Event creator Frieda Morrison said: “This has been a hard decision but our priority is the health and safety of everyone involved.

“Many film-makers will have planned to involve other people in their work and obviously that interactio­n isn’t possible at the moment.

“We also understand that many of the entrants will be able to work on their films independen­tly at home, so we hope they will use the time to polish their entries for the 2021 Doric Film Festival, which we hope will be bigger and better than ever.”

To find out more visit doricfilmf­ or

 ??  ?? Gym director Kerry Smith
Gym director Kerry Smith

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