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Rescued baby owl will soon return to the wild


A baby owl taken in by a north-east rescue centre after being found at the base of a tree will soon be released back to the wild.

The tawny owl was taken to New Arc, near Ellon, after it was found in Tullos Woods, Aberdeen, back in February.

The team feared the tiny bird – named Doodles – would have been an easy prey for other animals. They have nursed him back to full health in preparatio­n for his release.

For the past few weeks Doodles has been living in an outside, pre-release aviary to help build up his independen­ce.

“The feathers are through and he’s ready to fly”

Keith Marley, head of the charity, said: “He’s been casting fluff, the feathers are through and he’s ready to fly.

“His feathers are close to full developmen­t and he just needs to work on his silent flight.”

A release date has not been finalised yet but it’s hoped Doodles will be able to take to the skies as soon as the weather conditions are right.

Mr Marley said: “We would preferably release him at Tullos Woods where he was originally found, but due to recent circumstan­ces that may not be possible.

“We need to ensure he is released in a good location with plenty or rodents about that he can hunt and feed off.”

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