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War bond-style support for crisis


SIR, – Being an over-70 is difficult at this time of national crisis.

We are warned not to go out and this means we cannot play our part as volunteers delivering medicines and so on.

However I think there is one way we could play an important part. Some of us could say we were the lucky generation with generous pensions etc. Consequent­ly could I suggest that we are allowed to contribute financiall­y to what is going to be an astronomic financial bill?

When we faced national crisis in 1940 we introduced war bonds, which were patriotic long-term loans to let the government afford the incredible things it had to do. Would it be possible for the government to introduce the Corona Bond so that those of us who can afford it can all make our contributi­ons (large and small) online? This would mean that we were all in it together.

Bill Hope, Linkwood Road, Elgin

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