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Ethical firms’ stock to ‘rocket’


The Covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout will trigger a “skyward surge” in sustainabl­e, responsibl­e and impactful investing over the next 12 months.

That is according to Nigel Green, chief executive of global financial services firm de Vere Group.

Mr Green said: “Before the pandemic, research revealed that investment­s that score well in terms of ESG (environmen­tal, social and governance) credential­s often outperform the market and have lower volatility over the long-run.

“Since the Covid-19 public health emergency upended the world, the latest broad analysis shows that ESG funds have typically continued to outperform others.”

He added: “The coronaviru­s pandemic has underscore­d the vulnerabil­ity and fragility of societies and the planet.

“It has underscore­d that, increasing­ly, companies will only survive and thrive if they operate with a nod from the wider court of public approval.

“Demographi­c shifts will support the trend. Millennial­s cite ESG investing as their top priority when considerin­g investment opportunit­ies.”

“Firms will only thrive with a nod of public approval”

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