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Manager in plea to anyone who can help Aberdeen financiall­y during virus pandemic


Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes has welcomed the attempts by supporters to help the club financiall­y during the coronaviru­s lockdown.

Dons chairman Dave Cormack and his board of directors are working hard to limit the financial fallout due to the Scottish game being placed on hold.

And fans have also been doing their part by buying season tickets and taking out AberDNA subscripti­ons to help contribute to the cause.

The gesture by the fans and the board has been welcomed by the Aberdeen boss who says the players and staff are also ready to do all they can.

McInnes said: “We are all clearly in need of the financial support.

“We could have done with the insurance money being paid that we were covered for, we could do with the semifinal money, and we could do with the final league placing money.

“We could do with money coming in so anybody who is in a position to put money into the club right now should know it would be so welcome

“I know that Dave Cormack and the board are doing everything they can to make sure that any sort of damage is manageable.

“As staff and as players we want to support the club through this.

“There will be supporters who buy season tickets out there religiousl­y.

“There will be a lot of season ticket holders who will want to see the outcome of this situation and what signings are made and that is their right.

“At this moment there is no income coming into the club and payments that have been due to us have been stalled for one reason or another.

“We have a lot of outgoings like tax and national insurance.

“It is tough on the club, and if supporters know they are going to be buying season tickets for next season and they are in a position to go and do that, or they are in a position to take more corporate packages or take a box and show that commitment through hospitalit­y and commercial, then it would be so welcome.

“Everybody is doing all that they can.

“Dave and the board are working many hours to make sure that we keep everything moving along and addressing the importance and seriousnes­s of the situation. And it is a serious situation.

“We all want the same thing: to make sure that we come through this strongly and together and to make sure that we are ready to do what we are paid to do – and that is to win football games.”

McInnes acknowledg­es the challenges facing everyone as they are forced to stay indoors, work from home or in some cases, are out of work.

The Dons boss hopes that by following the government’s advice the public can slow the spread and eventually get back to some semblance of normal life.

He said: “This is a real test for us all and our way of life.

“I do feel if we can deal with the virus the way that we are at the minute through selfisolat­ion, then hopefully we can start to manage our working lives a lot better and go back to some sort of normality.”

“Payments that are due to us have been stalled for one reason or another”

 ??  ?? Chairman Dave Cormack and the Dons board are working hard
Chairman Dave Cormack and the Dons board are working hard

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