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Taxi driver in dis­pute dam­aged cars

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A taxi driver who was in dis­pute with his neigh­bours took re­venge on them by se­cretly van­dal­is­ing their cars over a 10-day pe­riod.

In­ver­ness Sher­iff Court heard that 57-year-old Craig Roy of Green­wood Court, Mil­ton of Leys, in­flicted scratches on the bon­net, wheel arches and rear pan­els of six cars, in­clud­ing a Mercedes, an Alfa Romeo and a Mini be­tween March 24 and April 6 this year.

It was not re­vealed at In­ver­ness Sher­iff Court what his mo­tive was as Sher­iff Gary Aitken called for a background re­port be­fore hear­ing the facts from fis­cal de­pute Anna Chisholm. But he warned Roy that cus­tody was a “real pos­si­bil­ity”.

The sher­iff asked de­fence lawyer Laura-Jane

“Was­re­tal­i­a­tion due to a neigh­bour­hood dis­pute”

Mac­naughton if there was an un­der­ly­ing is­sue “like men­tal ill­ness”.

But Miss Mac­naughton told him that there wasn’t, adding: “It was re­tal­i­a­tion due to a neigh­bour­hood dis­pute.

“There have been no fur­ther is­sues since and he is try­ing to sell his prop­erty and move else­where.”

The sher­iff re­sponded: “So it is pure bad­ness.”

The lawyer said her client had made in­quiries about re­pair­ing all the da­m­age and got an es­ti­mate of £100 per car.

The sher­iff com­mented: “I would be sur­prised if it is as lit­tle as that. I would have thought it would be more like thou­sands.”

He told Roy: “It is ex­pen­sive to re-spray cars. I will get a background re­port to see what op­tions there are.

“But cus­tody is a very real pos­si­bil­ity. If you keep your lib­erty, I sug­gest you start sav­ing to pay for the re­pairs.”

Roy will re-ap­pear for sen­tence on May 24 A rare blended malt made from whisky from eight Is­lay dis­til­leries has been launched.

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