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Win­drush ex­poses na­ture of the beast

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Sir – The Win­drush af­fair re­minds me of the child mi­gra­tion scan­dal where thou­sands of un­wanted chil­dren were sent away to farflung places be­cause they were an em­bar­rass­ment to some in this coun­try.

This has been por­trayed as be­ing some­thing which hap­pened a long time ago and couldn’t hap­pen again.

The Win­drush af­fair ex­poses the na­ture of the beast and that noth­ing has changed at all.

There can be no doubt that ul­ti­mately the blame for what comes out of Westminste­r lies at Westminste­r’s door .

How­ever, those in Scot­land, North­ern Ireland and Wales who al­low Westminste­r to be­lieve it reigns supreme are partly to blame for what hap­pens.

For as long as Westminste­r is al­lowed to rule over us it will be­lieve that it can do what it likes.

I can’t stand idly by and watch Scot­land’s name be­ing dragged through the mud.

Cameron G Fraser, Manns Build­ing, Main Street,

Lums­den, Aberdeen­shire

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