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Aries Mar 21 Apr 20

A com­mit­ment to take on new re­spon­si­bil­i­ties can work out well for you, as it might im­press a boss or boost your im­age. There is also the pos­si­bil­ity that you could make a lit­tle ex­tra money from this. You may also see pos­i­tive re­wards con­cern­ing a more per­sonal pro­ject.

Taurus Apr 21 May21

If you made a prom­ise to some­one re­cently, then you may find that ful­fill­ing it to the best of your abil­ity can strengthen your re­la­tion­ship with some­one in a very pos­i­tive way. Fur­ther­more, you will likely come across as be­ing re­li­able and some­one to be trusted, Taurus.

Gemini May 22 Jun 21

What­ever dif­fi­cul­ties you have faced re­cently, the com­ing days can see them be­gin­ning to ease, and this in it­self can take a weight off your mind. If you can take some time out to un­wind and to fo­cus on ac­tiv­i­ties you en­joy, this can also leave you in a more up­beat mood, Gemini.

Can­cer Jun 22 Jul 23

Work­ing along­side a friend or a rel­a­tive to ac­com­plish an im­por­tant goal can be very re­ward­ing, as you can har­monise your ef­forts to pro­duce good re­sults.

When it comes to han­dling some­one who is in authority, though, you may need to be more care­ful in your ap­proach, Can­cer.

Leo Jul 24 Aug 23

Re­gard­ing a per­sonal goal or ca­reer move, cos­mic forces sug­gest you may be made an of­fer that could work out very well for you. On a more so­cia­ble note, a pos­i­tive tie to Venus in your so­cial zone can co­in­cide with a chance to spend time in good com­pany and en­joy it.

Virgo Aug 24 Sep 23

If you lis­ten to your in­tu­ition over com­ing days Virgo, you likely won’t go far wrong. How­ever, it is possible that it could lead you in a di­rec­tion that you might not nor­mally con­sider. You may feel this as a com­pul­sion to try some­thing that might be new to you.

Libra Sep 24 Oct 23

You may be of­fered a chance to move in new cir­cles and make some valu­able con­nec­tions. Con­sider tak­ing up any in­vites, as do­ing so could open new doors for you. Re­gard­ing a fam­ily mat­ter, com­mit­ting to a course of ac­tion can leave ev­ery­one more as­sured.

Scorpio Oct 24 Nov 22 It can be an idea to check you’ve un­der­stood a cer­tain in­struc­tions be­fore you make a move. Fur­ther en­quiries could re­veal a flaw or lack of in­for­ma­tion and set­ting this to rights can al­low you to go full steam ahead.

Need more free time? Let­ting go of un­nec­es­sary ac­tiv­i­ties can help.

Sagittariu­s Nov 23 Dec 21

The com­ing day or so can bring an op­por­tu­nity that might help in­crease your cash flow. It can be worth tak­ing what­ever steps are nec­es­sary to se­cure this. So­cia­bly, an event could be worth at­tend­ing, as it might gift you with a chance to make friends or en­joy new ac­tiv­i­ties.

Capricorn Dec 22 Jan 20

If you have made a de­ci­sion about your fu­ture and a goal you hope to ac­com­plish, the stel­lar pic­ture sug­gests that there is noth­ing left to do ex­cept get on with it. Pow­er­ful forces are now at your dis­posal.

Aquarius Jan 21 Feb 19

As the sun in your home zone aligns with Saturn in a pri­vate sec­tor, you may feel ready to make a com­mit­ment. This might be a prom­ise to look af­ter your­self so that you can live life to the full. Get­ting into a rou­tine of self-care can bring ben­e­fits.

Pisces Feb 20 Mar 20

Although you can be known for your easy-go­ing ap­proach, this might not be the case if you’re an­noyed. You may de­cide that it is worth re­veal­ing your frus­tra­tion and get­ting it out of your sys­tem, es­pe­cially if it con­cerns a friend who should know bet­ter. Live psy­chic read­ings: 0906 1125 455 As­trol­ogy calls cost 60ppm. Psy­chic calls cost £1.50 per minute - BT land­lines (other net­works may vary). Lines are open from 7am-2am daily. Call­ers must be 18 or over and all calls are recorded. For en­ter­tain­ment pur­poses only. Cus­tomer ser­vices 0800 140 9049. Phone Pay Plus Reg­u­lated. SP, Pronto Me­dia, PO BOX 199, Selby, YO8 1BP.

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