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– Prime bul­locks un­der 30 months (eight) av­er­aged 215.7p and sold to 239p a kg for a 490kg Lim from Water­side of Forbes, Al­ford, and £1,483.90 for a 710kg Sim from Brae­side, In­verurie, both to W. and J. Cameron, Burn­side of Edingight, Grange. Prime heifers (29) av­er­aged 221.1p and sold to 251p a kg for a 505kg Lim from Water­side of Forbes, to Back­muir Live­stock, Keith, and £1,451.25 for a 675kg Char from Brae­side to W. and J. Cameron. Young bulls (two) av­er­aged 184.6p and sold to 187p a kg and £1,739.10 for a 930kg Lim from Tar­mair, Boyn­dlie. Bul­locks 30 to 48 months (three) av­er­aged 185.7p and sold to 195p a kg for a 760kg Blo and £1,483.65 for a 785kg Lim from Faich­folds, King Ed­ward. Heifers (three) av­er­aged 198.4p and sold to 215p a kg and £1,343.75 for a 625kg Lim from Wester Leochel, Craigievar.


– Beef cows (133) av­er­aged 150.4p (-7.6p) and sold to 205.6p a kg and £1,830 for a 890kg BB from 122 Main Street, Aber­chirder. Dairy cows (three) av­er­aged 92.5p (nc) and sold to 134.5p a kg and £955 for a 710kg Fri from White­haugh, Al­ford. Bulls (seven) av­er­aged 132.2p (+1p) and sold to 139.6p a kg for a 910kg BB from 10 Steven Ter­race, Strathy, and £1,470 for a 1,195kg A-A from Knock Farm, Huntly.


– Old sea­son lambs (3,410) av­er­aged 255p (+8.1p) and sold to 288.8p a kg for 40kg Tex from Lost Farm, Strath­don, and £134.50 for 58kg Cont from West Cairn­hill, Cul­salmond, 55kg Conts from Lower Cot­burn, Tur­riff, 61kg Tex from Mill­field, Tur­riff, and 58kg Tex from Nether­ton, Tar­land. Old sea­son SQQ up to 45.5kg (2,424) av­er­aged 256.8p a kg (+8.5p). Lead­ing prices per head and per kg for old sea­son lambs: ContX – Mill­field £132.50, Kin­knockie 276.3p; TexX – Nether­ton £131.50, Lost Farm 286.9p; Chv – Mains of Drumwhin­dle £129.50, Cul­hay 273.7p; Suf – Nether­ton £129.50, Moss­neuk 270.2p; Bel – New­ton of Gree­ness £129.50, Hall­hill 272.6p; SufX – Gib­ston £128.50, Kin­knockie £269.5p; Down – Black­house £127.50, Skeib­hill and Bur­nend 269.3p; DownX – Gil­lahill £127, Black­house 269.1p; BelX – New­ton of Gree­ness £126.50, 272.2p; Cha – Led­ma­coy and New­ton of Lewesk £125.50, New­ton of Gree­ness 275p; BF – Stoney­field and Cowiehillo­ck £124.50, Lost Farm 273.2p; ChvX – Gil­lahill £124.50, Faw­side £269.5p; GF – New­ton of Cold­wells £123.50, Stoney­field 270.9p.


Av­er­age prices at auc­tion mar­kets yes­ter­day were (changes com­pare with the pre­vi­ous mar­ket day):


- Cat­tle av­er­age 219.66p (-16.49p); hoggs SQQ av­er­age 255.60p (+15.61p).


Clos­ing prices on Lon­don Fu­tures were:


- May £142.40 (unch); Jul £144.65 (unch); Nov £147.50 (-40p); Jan 2019 £149.50 (unch); Mar £151.60 (unch); May £153.25 (-15p); Jul £151.10 (unch); Nov £147.05 (unch); Jan 2020 £149.05 (unch); Mar £149.25 (unch).

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