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Elisabeth Schilling is a dancer and choreograp­her who has been touring the production SIXFOLD, supported by City Moves Dance Agency Scotland among others, around the world. It is at Dundee Rep on July 13 and the Macphail Centre in Ullapool on September 16. See www.elisabeths­

First Titanic record by Céline bought? Dion (pictured below). Book The Golden that changed Notebook your life by ? Doris Lessing.

Most expensive purchase? My big suitcase for my travels. First job? Dancing for painters. Favourite time of day? Morning! Last time you cried?

I cry every day I think. Of laughter or just to let emotions free.

Worst fashion faux pas?

People tell me that my whole cupboard is a faux pas, but I do not think so.

Favourite holiday destinatio­n? Scotland! Where else? Idea of holiday hell?

Mallorca with parties and masses of people all around.

Biggest phobia? Not to be able to be creative anymore. What are you watching on TV?

Interviews with Céline Dion. I know it’s mad, but it’s so relaxing.

Favourite movie ?

The Life of Others. It’s a 2006 German drama film, by filmmaker Florian Henckel von Donnersmar­ck, about

the by police. How I find agents monitoring do relaxing you of the relax? really of Stasi, East difficult! the Berlin GDR’s residents Sauna, secret I guess, Best “Just advice long do it!” walks, you’ve and nature. been “Everything given? is possible”. Who My mum. you last spoke to on the phone? First My exercises. thing you did this morning? Worst Too little mistake? time for the people I love, and also I am horrendous­ly impatient.

Your Music, inspiratio­n? nature and driven people who live for their passion.

Would most like to meet...

Choreograp­her György Ligeti, but sadly he’s dead.

Childhood crush? My ballet teacher. Weirdest fan gift?

Sweaty, stinky pointe shoes of famous ballerinas.

Quirky habits? Can’t stop emailing. Worst meal?

The combinatio­n of bacon and honey on bread. Meat in general.

What makes you laugh?

So much! Spontaneou­s comedy that is born in the moment.

Most embarrassi­ng moment?

In math class, standing all by myself at the board, just not getting what the hell they all want from me.

Sean Connery or Daniel Craig? Daniel Craig. Beauty is... Sharing my work with my audiences.

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