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Wings party would target list seats


A Wings Over Scotland party would aim to win seats from unionist parties to increase the number of proindepen­dence members at Holyrood, Stuart Campbell has said.

Mr Campbell, who runs the Wings Over Scotland website, said such a party would seek to pick up list seats at the next Scottish election in 2021 if another independen­ce referendum has not been delivered by that time.

He said there are no great plans currently being made to set up a Wings party, however, and he has not yet decided whether he would run as a candidate in an election – although

“Don’t want to vote for far-left parties”

he suggested it was likely he would.

On the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme yesterday Mr Campbell said: “The SNP’s votes on the regional list get badly wasted by the Holyrood electoral system.”

He added: “The fact is that people simply don’t want to vote for far-left parties like the Greens or the SSP or Rise.”

Mr Campbell said suggestion­s the Wings party would be set up to take on the SNP were an “inaccurate descriptio­n of the situation”.

He added: “If they do hold a referendum before 2021, then categorica­lly the Wings party will not happen, that’s the whole point.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Greens said: “It was uncharacte­ristically generous of Stuart Campbell to describe the Scottish Greens as ‘too radical’ for his fans.”

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