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TV de­bate: Vot­ers be­ing ‘de­prived’ by SNP ex­clu­sion, says Black­ford

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The SNP said its ex­clu­sion from the ITV gen­eral elec­tion de­bate is de­priv­ing vot­ers of the chance to make their own de­ci­sions.

ITV is host­ing a head-to-head de­bate be­tween Boris John­son and Jeremy Cor­byn to­mor­row, which will not in­clude any other party lead­ers.

The Lib Dems and the SNP will con­test the de­ci­sion to ex­clude their party lead­ers from the de­bate at a High Court hear­ing in Lon­don to­day.

Speak­ing ahead of the case, SNP West­min­ster leader

Ian Black­ford, who plans to at­tend the hear­ing, said: “This chal­lenge is not just about the SNP, it’s about fair­ness for ev­ery voter and viewer across the coun­try who have a right to see the real choice at this elec­tion on that de­bate stage.

“By ex­clud­ing key par­ties from the de­bate, view­ers are be­ing de­prived of the op­por­tu­nity to make their own de­ci­sions, and vot­ers in Scot­land are not see­ing their vot­ing pat­terns re­flected at all.

“Peo­ple in Scot­land voted Re­main in 2016 and over­whelm­ingly backed the SNP as their party of choice in the Euro­pean elec­tions.

“Polls show around 50% of vot­ers sup­port in­de­pen­dence and more than that back Scot­land’s right to choose our own fu­ture.

“Th­ese key po­si­tions at the elec­tion won’t be heard on that plat­form if the SNP is not rep­re­sented.

“Labour and the Tories have not been the lead­ing par­ties in Scot­land at an elec­tion for around a decade, while the SNP has grown to be­come the third party in UK-wide pol­i­tics.

“It is sim­ply false to tell view­ers in Scot­land that that is their choice when we know Scot­land has re­peat­edly re­jected both in re­cent elec­tions and the SNP could well hold the bal­ance of power on the 13th of De­cem­ber.

“For those who want to sup­port our call for fair­ness, not just for the SNP but for all par­ties, there is still an op­por­tu­nity to do­nate to this case and to back a de­bate that gives the viewer and the voter what they want.”

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