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If you feel a need to be more as­sertive than usual, it may be be­cause you’ve been much less so of late. While this may have had many ben­e­fits re­cently, it’s also pos­si­ble that you have been pa­tient with one mat­ter on which you may have been too le­nient.

Mar 21 Apr 20


With feisty Mars on the verge of leav­ing your life­style zone, this may be a good time to re­view your cur­rent rou­tines and con­sider if you could make any changes that will make life eas­ier for you. Go easy on the do­mes­tic front though, as more stub­born en­er­gies could cause ten­sions.

Apr 21 May21 Gemini May 22 Jun 21

The ex­pan­sive Jupiter in your sec­tor of re­lat­ing sug­gests you may be pre­pared to move out of your com­fort zone to forge new as­so­ci­a­tions, whether friend­ships, work-re­lated bonds or some­thing more ro­man­tic. And this is where your in­stincts might prove ben­e­fi­cial.

Cancer Jun 22 Jul 23

The temp­ta­tion to splurge on leisure ac­tiv­i­ties or a so­cial event, or per­haps a com­bi­na­tion of both, could be strong.

Once you have made up your mind you may not be eas­ily per­suaded oth­er­wise, even if oth­ers try to talk you out of it. What do you stand to gain? Think about this first.


Even if you’ve been busy with ev­ery­day things, you may have stepped back from life to an ex­tent over re­cent weeks, pre­fer­ring to keep key is­sues at a bit of a dis­tance. A meetup be­tween the Moon in your sign and Mer­cury could see you ea­ger to re­solve a fam­ily is­sue.

Jul 24 Aug 23 Virgo Aug 24 Sep 23

If you’re will­ing to fol­low any in­tu­itive nudges, then a house­hold item that you may have been look­ing to pur­chase for some time could show up, and at a great price. So, if you get a feel­ing to head out to a cer­tain shop or to search a web­site, then you may be lucky.


With dy­namic Mars in the last de­gree of your sign prior to mov­ing into Scorpio, a de­sire to con­clude a project or re­solve a key is­sue could make it­self known. This is very much a time to tie up loose ends so that those im­por­tant tasks are com­pleted and out of the way.

Sep 24 Oct 23

Scorpio Oct 24 Nov 22 As Mer­cury in your sign slows prior to turn­ing di­rect in a cou­ple of days, it can pay to take care when mak­ing de­ci­sions, clos­ing deals or pur­chas­ing items, as its en­ergy is of­ten un­pre­dictable around this time.

Even so, this phase could be help­ful for get­ting to the heart of an is­sue.


Dec 21

Mars in Li­bra con­tin­ues to forge a lively link with Jupiter, mak­ing this a good time to ini­ti­ate ac­tiv­i­ties you can share with oth­ers. De­vis­ing a team project might then bond you more closely to­gether. Lis­ten­ing to oth­ers’ ideas and opin­ions could add a cre­ative touch to any plans.


Jan 20 Nov 23 Dec 22

Some­one’s pres­ence could seem al­lur­ing and this may be down to a link with lus­cious Venus and pas­sion­ate Pluto. While this could hint at a po­ten­tial ro­mance, it doesn’t have to. You might just find a new friend very spe­cial.

Aquar­ius Jan 21 Feb 19

The stel­lar back­drop sug­gests that by ask­ing for help and del­e­gat­ing tasks, you could get so much more done. Be­sides, if you let oth­ers on board to help with an idea of yours, in­spi­ra­tion may flow more read­ily, and the work can be so much more fun and en­joy­able.


Feb 20 Mar 20

If you re­cently felt like steer­ing clear of some­one in your so­cial group, you may now find your­self drawn to link with an­other. An in­ter­est­ing in­flu­ence in­volv­ing con­vivial Venus and fer­vent Pluto can see you con­nect­ing over shared goals or am­bi­tions Pisces.

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