The Press and Journal (Inverness, Highlands, and Islands) : 2019-11-18

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13 the lunnewchs THE PRESS AND JOURNAL November 2019 how to carry out a rescue from the venue’s roof. He said his firm had started to diversify out of oil and gas prior to the downturn, and it was because of that it was able to weather the storm. He said: “At P&J Live, they have all the rigging staging on the roof for the lighting and things. What they have in other places is beam walkers, which is obviously a huge risk. Aberdeen took the decision to completely encapsulat­e it so there are still gaps but not large enough for people to fall through. “But they needed a rescue plan in case something went wrong, so we gave them a solution plan and some personal evacuation systems. We are going back next week to do all the staff training. “It’s also not just about the training – it’s also about the competency and how capable people are at putting that training into motion.” Mr Mackay said he believed “there was still quite a lot of tonnage in the market,” but said he felt there was “just a bit too much” in terms of demand compared to the orders from oil and gas industry. He said: “That’s why big plug and abandonmen­t campaigns are exciting, as we can see more supply vessels in use. I don’t think we have seen any impact from the downturn. “From the marine side, there will be vessels that are not in use and reactivati­on is a challenge. If companies are prepared to make the investment and spend a bit of cash, then there’s work there for your guys.” Of course, having fewer people in the industry comes inherent dangers – a smaller workforce can mean longer hours, fatigue and possibly complacenc­y. But Mr Mackay said he has not seen this happening in the north-east’s varied sectors. He said: “I work across the board, from fishing to ferries and oil and gas. From a safety point of view, it’s very safe. “You just have to read something from HSE about hydrocarbo­n releases and it’s all managed as well as it can be.” A warm welcome for seafarers and travellers alike at the Station Just a stone’s throw away from Aberdeen’s port, The Station Hotel sits ready to welcome both seafarers and travellers alike. Part of the Cairn Group, the hotel has just benefitted from a £5 million investment, and is looking good following an extensive makeover. The food too was cheap and tasty, offering a healthy dose of fish, burgers, salads and pastas. And for those looking for a more satisfying lunch, the sticky toffee pudding looked delicious.