The Press and Journal (Inverness, Highlands, and Islands) : 2019-11-18

OPINION : 85 : 21


ADVERTISEM­ENT Collaborat­ion key to Cromarty Firth’s success I She said: “2018 was our most successful year and in 2020 we believe we are going to beat that record. “We are looking at further expansion; the Moray East turbines and towers will be arriving next year and that’s a £10 million project for the port; and we have over 100 cruises already booked. “And we expect to see the oil and gas recovery continue and with that the need for more rig repairs, services and subsea projects.” “This year we had over 100 cruise ships in the Port, which transporte­d around 170,000 passengers into Invergordo­n and the Highlands – more than any other port in Scotland.” Other achievemen­ts this year was the Port receiving its 700th rig for repair and service. They also purchased a new pilot boat, the Dalmore, which replaced a previous boat that was 45 years old. The new boat was kitted out specifical­ly to suit the Port’s requiremen­ts and they can now transfer more pilots, faster and safer than before. Looking ahead, Joanne sees the Port, and wider Firth, continuing its upward momentum. t’s been another great year for the Port of Cromarty Firth, with record cruises arriving in the port, new renewables projects and a milestone hit in the number of rigs serviced and repaired. For Joanne Allday, Strategic Business Developmen­t Manager for the Port of Cromarty Firth, the secret is simple. “It’s been a spectacula­r year for everyone throughout the Port and the Firth,” she explained, “because people are working together and collaborat­ing in ways that are beneficial to all. “The Port Authority is only one part of the picture – the supply chain is significan­t, with 1 in 6 local people employed as part of that chain – so our success is down to everyone.” Part of the need to collaborat­e has been the growth in the offshore energy sector. “The projects are so large that a single premises can’t always accommodat­e them, so businesses are working together to provide facilities. “It’s this willingnes­s to work together that allows us to manage large scale projects and what we believe makes us one of the most compelling offers for renewable energy in the whole of the UK. “We have always attracted multi-million pound “We have always attracted multimilli­on pound projects to the Port, which benefit the wider area. In recent months we have seen huge drops in unemployme­nt and millions put back into the local economy.” we are ready for the first project in the summer.” The visiting cruise ships have also kept the Port busy this year. “The Port has been proactive in helping local businesses understand what can be a complex sector,” explained Joanne, “and the ones who take it on are starting to see that uptake in visitor numbers to their attraction­s. projects to the Port, which benefit the wider area. In recent months we have seen huge drops in unemployme­nt and millions put back into the local economy.” This year has seen the continuati­on of the Phase 4 expansion at the port. “We are on budget and scheduled for completion in spring 2020 so that To find out more about the Port of Cromarty Firth, visit ONE PORT Port of Cromarty Firth is a European leader in subsea constructi­on, offshore wind and drilling rig inspection, repair and maintenanc­e. The Port’s locally based, world class supply chain (including the companies listed here) has handled over 900 subsea vessel and 710 rig visits in the past 40 years. One of Britain’s most sheltered deep-water ports; we can accommodat­e the world’s largest offshore drilling and accommodat­ion units, production vessels, renewable energy structures, subsea vessels and decommissi­oning projects. MANY COMPANIES