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HOW many words of four let­ters or more can you make from this Nonogram? Each­word must use the cen­tral let­ter, and each let­ter may be used once only. At least one nine-let­ter word can be found. We found 37 words - can you do bet­ter?

Any word found in the Ox­ford Dic­tio­nary of English is el­i­gi­ble with the fol­low­ing ex­cep­tions: proper nouns, plu­ral nouns, pro­nouns and pos­ses­sives; third per­son sin­gu­lar verbs; hy­phen­ated words; con­trac­tions and ab­bre­vi­a­tions; vul­gar slang words; vari­ant spellings of the same word (where an­other vari­ant is also el­i­gi­ble). Satur­day’s so­lu­tion:

Aeon, afro, arose, arouse, ar­son, euro, faro, fino, fore, four, fu­sion, info, inro, iron, NE­FAR­I­OUS, noise, nori, nose, nosier, nous, onus, orfe, osier, rea­son, roan, rose, rosin, roue, rouse, se­nior, snore, soar, sofa, sonar, sore, sour

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