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Roundabout’s rabbits at risk from vehicles


Drivers have been urged to be careful at Garthdee roundabout to avoid hitting a population of rabbits being fed by a mysterious bunny benefactor.

For some time now, an unknown individual or individual­s have been keeping the rabbits living on the busy roundabout near Asda well stocked with carrots, celery, and other vegetables.

Aberdeen City Council says it does not mind that a “local animal lover” has taken to helping the animals, although concerns have been raised by the Scottish SPCA that the bunnies could breed like rabbits, and if there are too many it could lead to them being hit by traffic.

A spokesman for the local authority said the council’s ranger service does not know who is keeping the roundabout’s residents well fed with piles of hearty vegetables.

And Asda confirmed none of their staff are officially involved in doling out meals to the rabbits either.

However, a number of people have reported seeing someone driving a large 4x4 vehicle and “chucking” the vegetables out of their vehicle window on to the grass at the roundabout.

Mike Flynn, chief superinten­dent at the Scottish SPCA, said: “As long as these rabbits are being fed then they are not likely to leave the area.

“Our concern would be that the rabbits will multiply and start to venture on to the road and be involved in a road accident.

“We would urge motorists

in the area to be careful when using the roundabout so as not to put any rabbits at risk.”

A spokesman for Aberdeen City council said: “None of our services are feeding them at the roundabout, and it would appear that a local animal lover has taken it upon themselves to help the rabbits.

“They are an attractive and much-loved bit of

wildlife thriving in the heart of the city.”

Garthdee councillor Ian Yuill said the rabbits are a “local landmark”.

He added: “Somebody obviously feels strongly they want to feed the rabbits, and that’s a choice for them.

“Clearly, the SSPCA has a point and I would hope that drivers would be careful to avoid people and rabbits while they’re

driving, and cats and dogs for that matter as well.

“I’ve been told by a couple of people it’s a lady who drives around the roundabout in her car, throwing vegetables onto the roundabout.”

Paul O’Connor MBE, chairman of the Inchgarth Community Centre, said he’s pleased the bunnies aren’t under threat of

being culled.

 ?? ?? WILDLIFE: Drivers are being urged to be careful at the Garthdee “rabbit roundabout”.
WILDLIFE: Drivers are being urged to be careful at the Garthdee “rabbit roundabout”.

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