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Public safety paramount during Dounreay decommissi­oning


Sir, – I refer to recent press reports referring to new high numbers of “harmful” radioactiv­e particles found on the Dounreay shoreline and Sandside beach which suggested they were related to leaks between 1958 and 1984, with 73% of the particles described as “significan­t”, and 15 particles found between February and March 2022.

Dounreay Site Restoratio­n Ltd (DSRL), responsibl­e for decommissi­oning the site, said it was closely monitoring the situation and Sepa (Scottish Environmen­t Protection Agency) stated “we are content that the monitoring and retrieval programme in place continues to provide appropriat­e protection for the public”.

DSRL stated “the foreshore is not used by the general public” – this is not a reassuranc­e as nuclear radiation has no boundaries.

Highlands Against

Nuclear Transport (Hant) is represente­d on the Dounreay Stakeholde­r Group (DSG) and has regularly asked for informatio­n about the monitoring being carried out and the results – and has been told that informatio­n will be made available when the monitoring report is provided by an independen­t body.

Neither the DSG meeting on March 22 nor the Site Restoratio­n Sub Group meeting on October 19 were informed of these findings of concern.

Given that this informatio­n has only been made available through press reports to date, Hant would want the following to be implemente­d:

i) Regular up-to-date reports provided to the DSG and by press releases to the local press on the monitoring results, so that the DSG can provide this informatio­n to organisati­ons represente­d by members and the

general public will be informed by the local press. Assuming that the results of the monitoring can demonstrat­e that there is no danger to the public this will provide reassuranc­e to everyone living in the area around Dounreay;

ii) That the Dounreay “clean up” reports provided by DSRL to the Particles Retrieval Advisory Group

Dounreay (Prag) be provided to the DSG and local press – an online search resulted in the latest informatio­n from the Prag online being from 2016 and this is totally unacceptab­le;

iii) That a presentati­on be made to the DSG by the outside body carrying out the monitoring to describe its methodolog­y and how regularly

it is carried out – to provide local reassuranc­e.

Hant looks forward to the immediate implementa­tion of these proposals and will be monitoring this issue closely over the next months.

Tor Justad. Highlands Against Nuclear Transport,

Ord Terrace, Strathpeff­er.

 ?? ?? CONCERN: A Highland group has demanded transparen­cy over radioactiv­e particles.
CONCERN: A Highland group has demanded transparen­cy over radioactiv­e particles.

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