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DING­WALL, Ding­wall & High­land Marts Ltd. sold 2,868 store sheep. LAMBS (1,592) av­er­aged £46.06 and sold to £310 gross for a Che­viot tup lamb from Mid­dle­ton of Brims, Thurso. Ewes (751) sold to £102 gross for a Suf­folk ewe from Cul­naskeath, Evan­ton. Rams (55) sold to £420 gross for a Texel cross from Green­lands, Ara­bella. Feed­ing Sheep (470) sold to £85 gross for a pen of Texel crosses from 217 Ros­sal, Rog­art. UNITED Auc­tions Huntly Sold 219 Breed­ing, Store and OTM cat­tle (Thurs­day Novem­ber 8). Store cat­tle and OTM cows met se­lec­tive trade for long keep sorts, re­flect­ing in high fore­casted win­ter­feed­ing costs. Breed­ing cat­tle sold well to a keenly sup­ported ring­side. HFRS – (89) sold to aver­age 200.01p per kg sell­ing to a top of 212.1p per kg for 422kg LimX from Horse­bog, Grange. Top gross £1050 for SHX’s from Rat­tray, Peter­head. BLKS – (73) sold to aver­age 205.02p per kg sell­ing to top 221p per kg for a 405kg LimX from Stripeside, Ben­rnnes. Top gross £1,230 for a SHX from Rat­tray, Peter­head. Breed­ing Cat­tle – (21) sold to top £1,380 for a Sim/ Lu­ing from Edin­gar­i­och, Prem­nay. OTMS (36) sold to aver­age 116.3p per kg sell­ing to top £131.7p per kg for a 820kg from Corskie, Gar­mouth. Top gross £1,120 for a SimX from Corskie, Gar­mouth. HFRS – 301-350kg – £680, 194.3p Ballintomb, Dul­nain Bridge; 351-400kg - £805, 209.1p Hill­head of Stevens­burn, New Deer; 401-450kg - £920 Home Farm Rat­tray, Peter­head, 212.1p Horse­bog, Keith; 451-500kg - £1,020 Home Farm Rat­tray, Peter­head, 211.3p Card­nach, Knockando; 501-550kg - £1,050, 194.4p Home Farm Rat­tray, Peter­head. BLKS - 301-350kgs – £650, 194p Fin­ny­gaud, Aber­chirder; 351-400kg - £810 Cush­lachie, GLenkindie, 215p Old Stirkoke, Wick; 401-500kg - £940 Ballintomb, Dul­nain Bridge, 221p Stripeside, Ben­rinnes; 451-500kg - £1,030 Fin­ny­gaud, Aber­chirder, 215.2p Horse­bog, Keith; 501-550kg - £1,080, 208.1p Home Farm Rat­tray, Peter­head; 601-650kg - £1,230, 193.7p Home Farm Rat­tray, Peter­head. OTMS (36) SIM - £1,110, 131.7p Corskie, Gar­mouth; SIMX - £1,100, 127.4p Corskie, Gar­mouth; BS - £1,090, 122.5p Corskie, Gar­mouth; LIM - £1,080 Stripeside, Aber­lour, 128.9p Up­per Til­lathrowie, Gartly; AA - £950, 118.6p Ballintomb, Dul­nain Bridge; BRB - £950, 118.8p Up­per Til­lathrowie, Gartly; SH - £830, 112.4p Up­per Til­lathrowie, Gartly; CH - £780, 106.8p Glen­rinnes Es­tate, Dufftown; SAL - £680, 105.6p Bal­nault, Crathie. THAIN­STONE Aberdeen and North­ern Marts (Thurs­day Novem­ber 8) sold 250 Cows and Bulls. Beef cows (242) av­er­aged 118.5p (-1.5p) and sold to 185.6p per kg for a 625kg Charo­lais from Glas­tul­lich, Nigg Sta­tion and £1,310 gross for a 820kg Bri­tish Blue from Wester­ton, Echt. Dairy cows (two) av­er­aged 100p and sold to 107.9p per kg and £685 gross for a 635kg Friesian from Ber­riedale, South Ron­ald­say. Bulls (six) av­er­aged 106.4p (-6.7p) and sold to 121p per kg and £1,410 gross for a 1,165kg Charo­lais from Mil­ton of Noth, Rhynie. Lead­ing prices per kg THAIN­STONE sold 66 prime cat­tle. Un­der 30 month - Prime bul­locks (11) av­er­aged 204.6p and sold to 217p per kg twice, firstly for a 600kg Aberdeen An­gus and se­condly for a 570kg Aberdeen An­gus Cross both from Meikle Haugh, Keig and both pur­chased by W & J Cameron, Bur­nisde of Edingight, Keith and £1,530.00 gross for a 750kg Charo­lais Cross from Ladymill, Al­ford bought by C An­der­son, Dumfries. Prime heifers (30) av­er­aged 210.7p and sold to 239p per kg for a 490kg Li­mousin Cross from Bur­nend, For­glen bought by Back­muir Live­stock, Keith and £1,391.60 gross for a 710kg Bri­tish Blue Cross from Johns For­est, In­verurie bought by C An­der­son, Dumfries. Young bulls (Five) sold to 191p per kg and £1,642.60 gross for a 860kg Li­mousin from Crichie, In­verurie. 30 to 48 Month - Bul­locks (13) sold to 165p per kg for a 570kg Li­mousin from Rus­s­land, Westray and £1,131.90 gross. HEIFERS (Seven) sold to 209p per kg and £1,254.00 gross for a 600kg Li­mousin Cross from Clashen­damer, Fordyce. THAIN­STONE sold 615 prime sheep.

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