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Inquest held into sea death


A MAN who had been treated for depression in Scarboroug­h’s Cross Lane Hospital was found dead floating in the sea in Whitby, and inquest heard.

William Robert Peirson, of Upgang Lane, Whitby, had been allowed to go home from hospital but was due to have an MRI scan on the day he died.

An inquest into the 62 year old’s death was held at Scarboroug­h County Court.

The court heard how Mr Peirson’s body had been spotted in the water by a tourist at around 7.15am on October 8.

A statement was read out from PC Damien Taylor, who attended the incident.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr Peirson’s wife of 24 years, Cynthia, said that until her husband started with depression he had been extremely well.

She said her husband had received in-patient treatment and been sectioned, adding: “The medical people did everything they could to help him over each episode.”

Referring to the day before his death, Mrs Peirson said: “Bill seemed to be in quite a good mood. He was generally a happy person until he was unwell. He had started to sing a lot and I thought ‘Great, we’re getting somewhere’.”

A report by consultant psychiatri­st Dr DaSilva said: “Mr Peirson had a 20-year history of mental illness including depression and an anxiety disorder.

“He had attempted suicide since 1991 on a number of occasions.” On summing up Mr Oakley said: “Mr Peirson was found floating in the sea and died of drowning, but the circumstan­ces of how he got there are not clear.

“Therefore I will record an open verdict.”

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