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‘It never leaves your mind . . .’


- By Ian Johnson Twitter @Ian_JohnsonSN

A teenager who murdered ‘Angel’ Graham on Scarboroug­h seafront admits that he is haunted by the horror of what he did.

In a letter to The Scarboroug­h News from his prison cell, Macauley Jenkinson says: “I regret everything that happened that night.”

But despite his regrets, Angel’s mum states her family will never forgive him. Jenkinson

stabbed ‘Angel’ a dozen times - and as he languishes behind bars, he revealed he has been stabbed himself and even beaten with cans.

“If I could turn the clocks back I would,” said the 19-yearold killer.

“I’m still getting my head around taking Angel’s life and taking him away from his own family - this is something that will never leave your mind.”

“Every day it plays on my mind thinking of how I could have resolved the problem between me and Angel.”

Thatproble­m,acourthear­d, was over Jenkinson’s then girlfriend who was only 14.

‘Angel’ had mocked Jenkinson, then 16, over her age. The paireventu­allyclashe­donScarbor­ough’s seafront on that fateful April night in 2013.

After murdering ‘Angel’, boastful Jenkinson text the girl seconds later with the chilling message: “Stabbed Angel 12 times, Love you loads. Kiss kiss kiss.”

Jenkinson was handed the minimum 16 year term over two years ago. He has been moved between Stockton’s Holme House and Deerbolt in Durham. He claims Deerbolt, a young offenders’ institute, was “horrible” and rife with drugs.

And he adds: “(Prison) is a harsh environmen­t, I’ve seen some bad injuries in here.

“In here you don’t have any true friends like on the outside, you don’t know who you can trust.”

He has been subjected to twoviolent­attacksfor“hanging around with the wrong people”.

He says: “I ain’t looking for sympathy. I deserve it all.”

One person who won’t offer any sympathy is Dorothy Graham, Angel’s mum.

Almost three years since Jenkinson murdered her son in cold blood outside the OlympiaArc­ade,shestatest­hefamily are still in grieving the man they knew as Michael.

“When the song we played at Mickey’s funeral, The Black Parade (by My Chemical Romance) comes on, his sister has to cover her ears. It’s still hurts, and nothing (Jenkinson) can say is going to make that stop.” “He was stolen from us.” In his letter, Jenkinson admits his actions - for which a judge labelled him a “coward” - have also hurt his own family.

“My sentence has sunk in... knowing I’m missing out on my nephewgrow­ingupandal­sogoing to college,” he wrote.

In the year ‘Angel’ would be turning 21, mum Dorothy won’t gettoseehe­rson’scomingofa­ge because of Jenkinson.

And she adds: “He might have dreams, but Michael had his taken away.

“I can speak on behalf of the entire family and say that we will never forgive him.”

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