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Revenge porn: man sent pics to victim’s mother

‘Sexual images’ posted after partner cheats

- By Ian Johnson Twitter: @Ian_JohnsonSN

A scorned Romeo took revenge on his cheating girlfriend by sending x-rated pictures of her to her mum.

Jilted Adam Pietrzyk also sent private images to his lover’s niece and sister after discoverin­g crude texts from several male admirers.

The 47-year-old met the fellow Pole on Facebook. Soon after, she said she wanted to move to England and live with him.

But Scarboroug­h Magistrate­s’ Court heard that the romance quickly soured, with the pair rowing as the victim enjoyed nights out when Pietrzyk’s Parkinson’s disease flared up.

At this point he found the messages, and in what he told police was a “crime of passion”, he sent the sexual photos to her family.

He was charged under new “revenge porn” laws, and at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, his victim said she dropped her phone in shock when she found out what Pietrzyk had done.

“The whole incident was making me ill – I was shaking and crying,” said the victim, who moved into Pietrzyk’s Cromwell Terrace flat in May.

“I felt degraded and I’m also worried he’s sent these pictures to other people.

“I couldn’t sleep for the first few weeks, and I couldn’t go to see the doctor as I had no national insurance number.”

She added that had her sister not intercepte­d the pictures sent to her frail mum, she feared her mother would have suffered a stroke.

But in mitigation, Robert Vining said Pietrzyk had been “used” by the victim to get a move to England.

“He had been deceived,” said the solicitor about disabled Pietrzyk. “It was clear that behind his back she was having affairs with a number of men.

“Having discovered the truth he threw her out.”

But in her statement, his victim said she’d “loved him very much”, but added: “I now hate Adam – I can’t believe people like him exist.”

Magistrate­s slapped a 12-week curfew on Pietrzyk, as well as a three-year restrainin­g order for his “distastefu­l” crimes. He also has to pay £325 in costs and charges.

 ??  ?? Pietrzyk was sentenced at Scarboroug­h Magistrate­s’ Court
Pietrzyk was sentenced at Scarboroug­h Magistrate­s’ Court

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