The Scarborough News

Whist drive


The MC was Mr W Calvert, the raffle was organised by Mr B Goulding.

Whist winners were: 1st Mr B Cowton, Mrs A Dowson, Mrs M Scott, Mr L Woodhead; 2nd Mr R Souter, Mrs V Poole; 3rd Mr and Mrs T Wardle, Mr R Warman, Robert Wardle.

Raffle winners: Mr P Richardson, Mr R Warman, Mrs D Collins, Mrs M Scott, Mr D Noble, Mr B Cowton, Mrs J Bielby, Mr R Souter, Mr W Calvert, Mrs S Wardle, Mr S Foote, Mr L Woodhead, Robert Wardle, Mrs B Jackson, Mrs A Dowson, Mr D Grace, Mr B Goulding.

Supper was served by Bessie, Dianne and Shirley.

The next whist drive in support of Langdale End Church is on Saturday October 31, 7.30pm.

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