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Budget cuts will put public safety at risk

- Stewart Ball Fieldside Scarboroug­h

I wish to voice my concerns and make fellow residents of Scarboroug­h aware of the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Cover Review. The service have put forward two proposals that directly affect Scarboroug­h in order to save money due to savage budget cuts by the present Conservati­ve Government.

In the first proposal, the service propose to reduce the number of firefighte­rs available in Scarboroug­h to respond to incidents. This would be achieved by replacing one of Scarboroug­h’s two standard fire appliances that currently carry five firefighte­rs with a transit-like van carrying two firefighte­rs.

The second proposal would see attendance times of the second fire appliance responding to incidents increased significan­tly by making one of Scarboroug­h’s two fire appliances day crewed.

In short, this means that during the day the appliance is crewed full time from the station, but during evening and night time this would change to a crew at home responding to station when required.

Scarboroug­h is a large town that is growing and will potentiall­y attract a greater number of people to live and visit here.

There are major developmen­ts planned for the town too and it deserves an appropriat­e level of fire cover for its residents and visitors alike.

If you feel strongly enough contact our MP and local councillor­s too.

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