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Mechanic did his job to a very high standard


Having read the two recent articles concerning Shoreline Suncruiser­s and Neil Brown, I am disgusted and appalled at the transport manager of Shoreline Suncruiser­s.

The fact that the Ministry of Transport inspectors found faults on all his vehicles was not down to Neil Brown as he seems to indicate when he says he was not satisfied with Neil’s work. I know for fact that on more than one occasion Neil advised that certain work was required on vehicles.

I speak as the retired senior transport manager for TD Travel which ceased trading last year upon the retirement of owner Mr Anthony Crossland who had been operating up to 41 coaches, deckers and mini buses since 1984 and for the past 16 years operating a fleet of 26 vehicles from a base in Bridlingto­n.

Since the very first day we operated in this area Neil Brown was contracted to maintain, repair and present all our vehicles for yearly Ministry MOT tests and conduct regular six or eight weekly inspection­s.

In my calculatio­ns that means that over the past 16 years in which Neil has been attending our vehicles he has presented 416 vehicles for MOT and only a very, very tiny number failed to pass a very strict inspection, first time.

As I understand it, that means that far from being poor at his job, requiring the need to be looking elsewhere, Neil was an extremely good mechanic who did his job to very high standards.

I am also amazed to also read that even following the Ministry’s findings on the vast number of faults found on his fleet that no action was taken to prevent his continued transporta­tion or children to schools in the North Yorkshire area.

I hope you will publish this letter in order to re-establish the good name of Neil Brown which, I am sure his many customers still hold. Denis Epps High Street

Old Town Bridlingto­n

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