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St Martin’s


The Rev Richard Firth presided at the service of Holy Communion at 9.30am assisted by reader Elizabeth Moreland who read the gospel passage set for the day and preached the sermon where she asked the congregati­on to consider how they see their relationsh­ip with God. Using the illustrati­on from the gospel reading of two disciples asking for favouritis­m from Jesus, she asked that we understand that it is God who provides all that we need, and that our prayer requests should reflect our understand­ing of what God is asking of us and frame our wishes appropriat­ely. Edna Burton accompanie­d the hymns on the piano, Clare Firth and Sue Johnson were sidesperso­ns, and Doreen Livesey together with Julie and Mick Stephenson served refreshmen­ts between the two morning services.

Reader Elizabeth Moreland preached again at the 11am service of modern worNovembe­r ship, which was led by parish assistant Wendy Haslam. Jeff Fiedler led the intercessi­ons, Jean Fiedler read and together with Elizabeth Bradley also offered prayer ministry during the sung worship. This was led by Richard Fuller (guitar) with Steve Raettig (keyboard), John and Sue Grice (guitar and bass) and John Taylor (drums). Jenny and Duncan Bland ran the Sunday Club, Elizabeth Bradley was the sidesperso­n and Julie Hall served coffee.

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