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- Louise Perrin, Communitie­s Reporter

Dear Reader,

Coronaviru­s has changed our lives beyond recognitio­n and in truth we are all exhausted.

Some of us have lost jobs and suffered from the associated stress that comes with trying to pay bills with barely any income.

NHS staff, keyworkers and charity volunteers have put in countless hours, going above and beyond to look after those around them, barely pausing for breath to get the job done, and then worked some more.

Then there are those with long Covid who continue to battle with the disease, their fight enduring long after they are infectious. Monday sees the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, which seeks to promote good mental wellbeing (see pages 10 and 13). The theme is nature, and participan­ts are being encouraged to get outside and simply take the time to breathe.

This week the message is simple. Sit in the sunshine. Walk on the beach. But most of all, take a little time and be kind to yourself.

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