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10 THINGS YOU SAID ABOUT... NHS app to be used as Covid vaccine passport


Jeanette Ledbury.

How many older people will miss out then?

6 Andy Dennis.

Wait and see... it’s only proposals at the moment and the app might just be the main way of doing it.


Can Chris Carr.

Not all people have mobile contracts, some have pay as you go, counts out a lot of people.

7 Jean Ormonroyd.

Fine for those who can do it. What if you can’t?

Muriel Rogers.

Can’t get the app on my Samsung! 8

So you can travel with any other virus, anytime, just as long as you have had the vaccine or have a negative Covid test?

Martin Hill. Pam Robinson.

Why has everything got to be an app? Can’t we have some kind of card like a driving licence?


Betty Allanson.

This has got to be against the laws of our country!

5 Carolanne Iveson.

So what about people who don’t have ID so can’t download the NHS app like myself?

10 Ian Walker.

There are many countries where you need proof of being vaccinated against various diseases to be allowed to travel there.

 ??  ?? The NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app.
The NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app.

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