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By only having loyalty apps on mobile phones, do you think some stores are discrimina­ting against people who don’t have mobile phones?

I think stores should have loyalty cards as well as apps and then they don’t discrimina­te against people who don’t have a mobile phone or can’t get the app.

Jessica Gelder

I don’t think its fair on those who don’t have smart phones.

Gill Wittmann

It is discrimina­tion, without a doubt.

Joanne Marchant

Yes, that’s so true, especially the older people who don’t have smart phones etc .

Christophe­r Poulter

As an older person I don’t like everything being on the phone. We are not all technical and don’t forget we are living longer, and don’t want to be told we have to get iPhones.

Lynda Garbutt

I’ve got a phone but don’t know how to do apps.

Maria Le

Loyalty cards aren’t all they are cracked up to be in any case, let’s get more fair pricing in place instead!

Wendy Woo

Yes, I agree. Same with coffee houses — they don’t stamp the cards anymore.

Jean Ormonroyd

They are discrimina­ting against people who don’t have or can’t use mobile phones, or people who only use them for phone calls.


Sue Hill

It was a miserable day weather-wise! How did you spend your Bank Holiday?

Sat indoors watching the rain come down.

Susan Sykes

Watched Bond.

Claire Magee

Watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sharon Grace

Sitting in the dry, watching horse racing.

Mark Jones

Feet up, watching films.

Joan Kay

Caught up with chores and ironing watching Netflix.

Moira Corcoran

Shopping and watched Oliver Twist.

Barbara Hearn

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