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Band Pleasure Centre launch second single

- By Lyndsey Young @thescarbor­onews

Scarboroug­h band Pleasure Centre have recently launched their second single, called Blue (Bertha), and are looking forward to being part of the growing music scene in the area.

The band is made up of four friends, Aneela Siddiqui, Charlie Hunter, Fredi DixonLento­n, and Billy Bostanci, all aged 19.

Originally formed in 2019 by Aneela and Charlie, they have already gained a lot of engagement with BBC Introducin­g on BBC Radio York, with their debut track Disease Machine gaining track of the week.

Blue (Bertha), which was released on April 30, is an important milestone for the band as they feel that this is the first song they have made where they have really come into their own.

Band member Charlie said: “We really feel like we now know the direction we want to go in, and this new track is just the start of the journey.

“Lockdown was actually quite useful to us, even though it was difficult not being able to meet up, doing things over the telephone we found we were all able to concentrat­e more on our individual contributi­on to the music.

“When you are all together, sometimes it is easy to get distracted and not be able to fully explore your own ideas and thoughts, so we found it quite useful to do things differentl­y.”

The band describe their style of music as shoegaze/ alternativ­e rock and are influenced by bands such as Slowdive, The Ninth Wave, The Stone Roses, Duster and Nirvana.

Charlie said: “We all use multiple instrument­s and therefore we are not very linear, which is the way we like it.

“Exciting times are ahead, we have lots of things in the pipeline, we would love to help to boost the general music scene in the Scarboroug­h area.

“Some big corporatio­ns have already shown interest in developing the music scene in Yorkshire, it seems to be the new interest hub for new wave music.”

The band have lots of plans

for later in the year, and now that the end of the pandemic mightbeins­ight,theyareloo­king forward to making more music and being able to perform gigs.

If you would like to keep up with the band’s latest news, follow them on social media, and stream their new single Blue (Bertha), you can do so by following this link: https://­ntre

 ??  ?? Pleasure Centre ... “Exciting times are ahead”.
Pleasure Centre ... “Exciting times are ahead”.

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