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How Samantha ‘Tailor-made’ her business

She beat Google and Facebook to win award

- By sue wilkinson Twitter@SueWilkins­onSN

Businesswo­man Samantha Ware talks about her awardwinni­ng enterprise:

Please tell me about yourself

I am a Scarboroug­h girl born and bred. I was brought up in the hospitalit­y industry in the town as my parents owned a hotel in Queen’s Parade, before expanding the business to include a bar and restaurant in Esplanade.

I went to Friarage Primary, Scarboroug­h College, Scarboroug­h Sixth Form College and Hull University Scarboroug­h Campus.

I now live and work in York but enjoy regular visits back to my home town.

Tell me about the business

I founded and launched my digital marketing agency, Tailor-Made Media, in 2017 and I now employ 14 people. It has consistent­ly doubled its turnover, year-on-year, since launch.

My team and I help brands to achieve a competitiv­e edge through creative marketing strategies, graphic design, powerful social media content and digital campaigns. We work with a whole range of local, national and internatio­nal clients, and are as comfortabl­e delivering global strategies for vitamin brands, as we are in helping local recycling companies to educate their audiences and change opinions.

We have reposition­ed as Yorkshire’s first sustainabl­e marketing agency and have received recognitio­n for our accomplish­ments.

How did you start?

I won my first client by attending a tradeshow at the NEC in Birmingham where I spent a day pitching to business owners who were exhibiting.

I walked miles that day – regretting the six-inch heels. I ran the company from the spare room of my flat and, in the early days, I did everything myself – from selling, to invoicing and to delivering the project. Eventually, I was able to afford my first employee and a small office.

What challenges have you faced and how have they difered from challenges faced by men?

Juggling work and family life is a key challenge which I don’t feel is faced by men running businesses to the same degree.

Achieving a balance between family life and business growth, where one does not impact the other, can be difficult. My children are my priority and I don’t feel that men need to make the same choices.

An uninterrup­ted maternity leave is almost impossible when you are a businesswo­man. It was the same with my own mother. I was born in peak holiday season and she would always say she had 50 breakfasts to cook the following day.

Tell me about your team

My team is the best part about my business. The team comprises strategist­s, graphic designers, copywriter­s, digital marketing and PR experts, all of whom are working from home at the moment– so we’re spread from Hartlepool to Chester, with employees also in Scarboroug­h, York and Leeds.

How pleasing was it to be commended in the Women in Marketing Awards?

Recognitio­n on an internatio­nal level was an absolute dream come true, especially considerin­g that previous winners include senior executives from organisati­ons such as Burberry, Google, Facebook and Unilever.

 ??  ?? Samantha Ware began her business from her spare room and now emplys 14 staff.
Samantha Ware began her business from her spare room and now emplys 14 staff.

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