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Our Fathers Rebecca Wait

The plot sees a young man return to solve the terrible events of his past in the untamed landscape of the Hebrides.

Paperback: £7.49 6

Lightseeke­rs Femi Keyode

Lightseeke­rs is the start of a major new crime series introducin­g investigat­ive psychologi­st Dr Philip Taiwo.

Hardback £12.99

The Night Hawks Elly Griffiths

In the 13th instalment in Griffiths’s bestsellin­g series, a body found on the beach set Dr Ruth Galloway on the trail of a merciless murderer. Hardback: £16.99

Box 88

Charles Cumming

Crisscross­ing between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the present day, a secret agent’s past comes back to threaten those he loves.

Hardback: £12.99

Find You First Linwood Barclay

A terminally ill tech mogul is on a desperate race against time to find his children before a vicious killer beats him to it.

Hardback: £16.99

Black Widows Cate Quinn

When a man is found murdered in Utah, his three wives fall under suspicion, Rachel is the chief wife, followed by Tina and Emily. Hardback: £12.99

Kill a Stranger Simon Kernick

Matt comes home to find his fiancée missing and the body of a woman he’s never seen in their bed.

Hardback: £12.99

The Royal Secret Andrew Taylor

Witchcraft and dastardly plots lead James Marwood and Cat Lovett to discover a secret at the very heart of James II’s court .

Hardback: £14.99

Slough House

Mick Herron

In the aftermath of a Novichok poisoning, Jackson Lamb’s crew navigates the corrupt web of global finance, media and politics. Hardback: £12.99

True Crime Joseph Knox

Blends fact and fiction in a standalone chiller centred on the investigat­ion into a student’s disappeara­nce in Manchester. Hardback: £14.99

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