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Paragon cyclists shine in first time trials of season

Purnell, Butterwort­h and Cullen hit superb form as club gets back on track

- BY STEVE DODDS Twitter:@SN_Sport

Scarboroug­h Paragon Cycling Club started their Covid safe season on April 18 with a 25-mile time trial.

A good field of 19 riders started, and it was good to see some new riders trying their hands at this tough grass route event.

Fastest on the day was Matt Purnell with a great 1 hour 3 mins 6 secs, closely followed by Luke Backhouse in 1:03:17, and third was Mark Williams in 1:03:19.

The remaining times were; SW ard1hr3m21­s,RC or ney 1 hr3m47s,M Middleton 1hr4m9s,JDyer1hr4m­13 s,OStr in ger1hr5m30­s,R Grain ger1hr8m35­s,N All ins on1hr9m16s, DC apes1hr 9 m 31 s, M Potter 1hr 10 m 20 s, BC apple man1hr11m2­8s, Mags Pu rn ell1hr12m3­5s, JT owns end1hr12m5­0s,K Ca wt horn1hr14m­41s,JM orris on1hr21m55­s,RAgh an ian 1hr 33 m 25 s.

Sunday April 25 saw Paragon hosting their Brompton 10 mile time trial.

A good field of 23 riders turned out on a cold breezy but sunny day.

Harry Butterwort­h had a fantastic ride on a standard road bike, finishing first in 23 m8s.

He is showing great form and results, combining his studies with training and

racing, plus being picked to represent GB in European competitio­ns.

Rich Cullen finished in second spot with 23 m 50 s, clearly showing that a good winter and hard training is paying off.

It was good to see once again new faces trying their hand at a time trial, including George Mann 31 m 25s, Craig Metcalfe Holliday 27 m 26 s, Duncan Smart 24 m 59 s and Darren Howes 36 m 11s.

Remaining times were: S Ward 23 m 51 s, M Purnell 24 m 3 s, M Williams 24 m 22s, R

Corney 24 m 54 s, D Smart 24 m 59 s, M Middleton 225 m 6 s, J Dyer 25m 28 s, R Grainger 25 m28s,DBower26m5­8s,R Stephenson 26 m 49 s, B Cappleman 27 m 2 s, M Potter 27 m 17 s, N Allinson 27 m 45s, Mags Purnell 27 m 57 s, Jay Townsend 28 m 44 s, J Morrison 31 m 35 s, Jas Townsend 32m10s.

Tuesday’s Snainton 10 mile event was a dismal affair on a cold and grey evening.

This did not stop in-form Cullen from a fantastic ride in a time of 23 m 55 s, closely followed

by Matt Purnell in 24 m 15 s, Mark Williams 24 m 25s and then Louise Xcupham in 24m28s.

Rob Corney did a great ride to finish in 24 m 57 s as did youngster Ozzy Stringer 24 m 50 s. It was also good to see Ben Sixsmith back racing again and finishing in a respectabl­e 26 m 27 s.

M Middleton 25 m 02s, L Backhouse 25 m 5 s, J Dyer 25 m 11 s, M Potter 27 m, D Capes 27 m 17 s, Mags Purnell 27 m 30 s, Craig Metcalfe Holliday 27 m 33 s, B Cappleman 28 m 20 s,

Jay Townend 29 m 29 s, Katy Cawthorn 30 m 19 s, J Gleeson 31m 42 s, Jas Townend 32 m 18 s, Chris Goode 32 m 32 s, Raffi Aghanian 36m 23 s and Darren Howes 36 m 42s.

A big thank you to timekeeper­s and helpers Elaine Ward, Mick Storey and John Tillotson.

A big thanks to club president Brian Musson who marshalled his usual corner.

Brian still rides his bike despite turning 90 years old this week and has represente­d Paragon for many years.

 ??  ?? BACK IN ACTION: Matt Middleton in action during Sunday April 25’s Paragon Brompton 10 mile time trial
BACK IN ACTION: Matt Middleton in action during Sunday April 25’s Paragon Brompton 10 mile time trial

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