Muf­fin The Mule Pup­pet

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“Muf­fin the Mule is a favourite char­ac­ter from early chil­dren’s tele­vi­sion pro­grammes,” says Lyn, “but Muf­fin is only one ex­am­ple of the con­tin­ued tra­di­tion of chil­dren and adults be­ing en­ter­tained by pup­pet shows. Trav­el­ling pup­pet shows were pop­u­lar in Bri­tain from the Eliz­a­bethan era, but pup­pets have a much longer tra­di­tion than that, and were pop­u­lar with the Ro­mans and An­cient Greeks, and most peo­ple will have seen a Punch and Judy show dur­ing their child­hood. I love that an­cient tra­di­tions can of­ten be shown through sim­ple chil­dren’s toys, and that we adapt ideas and tra­di­tions to cur­rent tech­nol­ogy.”

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