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Packaging ‘must avoid the Pringles tube model’


Producers and manufactur­ers need to pay greater attention to recyclable packaging and move away from the “idiotic” Pringles tube model, an environmen­tal expert has said.

Simon Ellin, chief executive of trade body the Recycling Associatio­n, said the packaging industry in the UK had made “some extraordin­ary progress” in recent years.

But he said the distinctiv­e Pringles snack packaging is an example of not getting the design right when considerin­g the environmen­t.

He told a conference in London: “What idiot designed this in terms of recyclabil­ity? We’ve got a cardboard tube, a metal bottom, a plastic lid.

“The Pringles factor – right at the design stage, we’ve got to get that right.

“What we’re putting in our recycling bins has got to be recyclable. We’ve got to get away from the Pringles factor.”

A Pringles spokesman said: “We take our responsibi­lities to the planet we all share seriously and are continuous­ly working to improve our environmen­tal performanc­e. All parts of a Pringles can act as a barrier to protect the chips from environmen­tal contaminat­ion and to keep them fresh. The freshness of our chips means a longer shelf life, which minimises food waste.”

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