The Scotsman




1 That’s to be expected on occasion, naturally (6,2,6)

9 See little girl at old church in the Home Counties ... (7)

10 ... and start to see bravery when adult goes away. It’s a bitter pill (7)

11 Come back, so can be accountabl­e (10) 12 Some are in the picture. It’s a long story (4) 14 Let Ayr be redevelope­d in an old harpshaped manner (6)

15 Step by one day, taking on a girl from US city (8) 17 Final decisive defeat could be the end of the line (8)

19 Record over boy, at last, who is quite flexible (6)

22 Only a small number working in the middle of the day (4)

23 Cope with a boy the French find quite 19 across (10)

25 Welcome me back along with some support (7)

26 Popular session included one in the meantime (7)

27 Stay in the public eye, although it’s not at all certain (6,2,2,4)


1 Organise grants, having taken things into considerat­ion (4,10)

2 Pocket part of a nether garment (7) 3 An essential part of the track is quite uncomplica­ted (10)

4 At some time in the future, over 24 hours (3,3)

5 Did a patient worry at how much the medical staff had to do? (4-4)

6 Get on top of things, using some coupons (4)

7 Didn’t hesitate to feel guilt, as a point of honour (7)

8 Old cargo boat sailed over the sea with a deck-hand (8,6)

13 Ring up, to bring into focus customer services (4,6)

16 Get round any base being used to grow a type of legume (4,4)

18 At the end, one hard currency can cause difficulty (7)

20 Turn a good beer out from a French in (7) 21 Is about to trespass round a gambling joint (6)

24 Molten rock found in US city and state (4)

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