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Right result


Keith Brown of the SNP says: “No one voted in 2014 to be dragged out of the European Union against our will” (The Scotsman, 1 September).

Absolutely right. We voted not to be dragged out of the UK against our will. That was the question we were asked to vote on – and we got the right answer. He added that “no one voted in 2014 for Scotland to be poorer”. Of course we didn’t. If we had wanted that we would have voted for the independen­ce urged by his party.

We voted to remain part of the UK and to decide for ourselves what our future will be. The case for independen­ce has been decided, and it is his party and, indeed, the current government that are doing their best to thwart the independen­ce from foreign rule that we, collective­ly, in the UK voted for in 2016.

I can’t help feeling for Mr Brown. He and his party have such ambition, but that darned problem called democracy keeps on getting in the way of their achieving it.

ANDREW H N GRAY Craiglea Drive, Edinburgh

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