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I am writing to express my deep concern at the continued insistence of the Scottish Government to pursue the Named Persons scheme. Surely it has been exposed as both unworkable and invasive.

The resources needed to implement this unnecessar­y agenda on families, the greatest majority of whom are perfectly capable of providing a secure growing environmen­t for their children, is far beyond what any social society can or should be looking to provide.

There are children who need these resources and who would be deprived of much-needed help were it to be spread so thinly over the whole of society. It is unjust, intrusive and cruel. The government cannot tar all children with the same brush and assume that all families are potential disaster zones.

Please scrap this bill immediatel­y and give help to those families who genuinely need it. Please stop invading the much-needed bond of privacy and security that parents deserve to have with their children and vice versa.

This is a vindictive and illthought-out proposal.

L REID Fallside Road, Glasgow

I wish to voice my feelings with regards to the Scottish Government’s intention to put into law the Named Persons scheme.

I do not agree with this.

Having served in the children’ s Panel for over ten years, I have had first-hand experience in dealing with children, parents, social work, teachers etc.

The Supreme Court has deemed this scheme a breach of human rights. Members of the Scottish Parliament know better than the Supreme Court?

GEORGE JACONELLI Mansewell Road, Prestwick

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