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Smacking ban


no less, Otto Georg Schily, has just declared Germany’s renewables policy an “economic, social and ecological disaster”. Why? Because it is a classic redistribu­tion from the bottom up, forcing the poorest consumers to line the coffers of bloated energy companies. It has also cost more jobs than it ever created, and actually increased carbon emissions due to inefficien­cies introduced into the system.

Georgeeh Meanwhile, China, India, Indonesia and other Asian economies whose interest is in economic progress by providing their people with cheap reliable energy are building hundreds of new coal-fired power stations. The SNP however, who are more interested in political posturing than economic progress, foist on us hugely expensive and unreliable wind power.

Mary Wilson Thousands of “loving parents” across Scotland may find themselves criminalis­ed under controvers­ial new laws to make the country the first part of the United Kingdom to ban smacking,

campaigner­s have warned.

Have the police and the criminal justice system not enough to do?

Alan Miller

Another nonsense from the SNP to distract media and voters from their abysmal record in government of our economy and education and healthcare standards.

Derek Farmer

Making criminals of exasperate­d parents does not seem the best way. Is the existing system so bad?

Geordie B

More than 50 civilised countries ban smacking. Are their parents being deprived? I bet their kids are more respectful and healthy members of society than some of the kids you see around the UK today. Violence breeds violence.


They can bring out any policy they damn well please but without being able to monitor it, it will fail. Primetime public informatio­n films would be more effective: you can advise people on the best way to deal with their children but you cannot dictate to them. The police are struggling with both petty and major crime in Scotland. The SNP haven’t thought this through.

Bea Sutherland

Anyone know how many parents have been prosecuted in South Ireland? The law has apparently been in place there since 2015 and if a law is passed there must be a need for it which would follow on to prosecutio­ns.


Give ‘em a short sharp shock and they won’t do it again. Good manners don’t cost nothing, do they?

Big Scotlander

Once my children reached the age of basic reasoning I would tell them if they did that again they would be smacked. It’s a two-way respect and it worked.


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