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Away-day blues for 800 Rangers fans…


only have a small portion of the crowd and you don’t get a noise, there were a lot of playons when they made fouls.”

Those Rangers fans permitted entry to an area of the stadium where sightlines are an afterthoug­ht were then barred from leaving. It summed up the often grim lot of a football supporter. All this after barely a shot on target to cheer.

“Celtic fans please leave the stadium”, urged a voice across the Tannoy system when it became clear the strategy of keeping Rangers fans behind while the ground was supposed to empty following the final whistle was not working out as planned. Yes, the Rangers fans were still there but so too were the Celtic supporters, who were not about to pass up

“For segregatio­n purposes, there were more empty seats than Rangers fans, who were tucked away, barely seen and only sometimes heard”

this opportunit­y to goad the smaller than usual rump of away fans.

Enough had been allowed in to satisfy trolling requiremen­ts. A “You’re Not Rangers Anymore” banner was unfurled at the end of halftime. The Celtic players made their way round towards the Rangers fans at the end, Scott Brown prompting many to rush towards him in fury after some typical baiting from the skipper, who, naturally, left the field bare-chested.

Gerrard, by contrast, didn’t stick around. Having shaken the hand of each Rangers player, he turned on his heels and headed down the tunnel.

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