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Lead­ing aca­demics have signed an open let­ter to politi­cians in sup­port of a so-called Peo­ple’s Vote on Brexit, say­ing “all pos­si­ble out­comes” of the process of leav­ing the EU will be dam­ag­ing to Scot­land and the UK.

If the EU had re­mained the Com­mon Mar­ket we were told were join­ing and un­der the con­di­tions we were told we had joined, we would very likely not have needed a ref­er­en­dum and our mem­ber­ship would con­tinue.

Macbog How­ever, we should be over­joyed that we can now reap the ben­e­fits of “the end of aus­ter­ity” and an­other Royal Wed­ding to­day to make up for ev­ery­thing bad in our lives.

Se­dovtrier Scots aca­demics? Well, I never. Who would have thought such a breed ex­isted nowa­days.

Pete’s Dragon Mud­dled think­ing from these peo­ple. It sounds as though their self-in­ter­est has been al­lowed to trump their un­der­stand­ing of democ­racy. Yup, Brexit will be dam­ag­ing in many ways. But it must hap­pen, be­cause the UK elec­torate was asked the sim­ple ques­tion, and gave its an­swer.

Scotspat “It must hap­pen”?for God’s sake, noth­ing MUST hap­pen (apart from death and taxes). Get a grip.

Ge­orge Kelly The UK elec­torate was fed a load of bla­tant lies and fan­tas­ti­cal prom­ises and was then asked an overly sim­ple ques­tion. The stupid/ig­no­rant part of the elec­torate fell for those lies and prom­ises (fact – as the re­main voter base has been shown to be the sig­nif­i­cantly more ed­u­cated of the two camps).

Dun­no­much If these so called aca­demics sup­port a “peo­ples vote”, why are they not sup­port­ing the peo­ples vote of 2016? Are they scared of los­ing their EU gravy train grants?

Lavrenti Za­padni I think about the only thing that is clear is how di­vi­sive ref­er­en­dums are and it seems no one re­spects the demo­cratic out­come if it goes against their view de­spite know­ing the rules be­fore they voted.

Fergy Smi­ley

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