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The UK Govern­ment will not let Holy­rood min­is­ters pay £65 set­tled sta­tus fees for Euro­pean cit­i­zens who are work­ing in Scot­land’s pub­lic ser­vices, Nicola Stur­geon has said. The First Min­is­ter has promised her govern­ment would pick up the cost for NHS staff and other public­sec­tor work­ers who have come to live in Scot­land from other parts of the Euro­pean Union.

Why come to Scot­land and pay more tax? Give them an ex­tra £65 in their salary if you think it’s a prob­lem, it’s not rocket sci­ence!

Par­adise Is­land As Stur­geon’s ex­penses for her point­less jol­lies are ap­proved with­out com­ment it must be dif­fi­cult for her to com­pre­hend nec­es­sary ex­penses be­ing re­fused.

cam­bayne I think it’s out­ra­geous that Euro­pean cit­i­zens who are

work­ing in Scot­land’s pub­lic ser­vices have to pay their own travel ex­penses to get to Scot­land. They should be able to claim all re­lo­ca­tion ex­penses so that ev­ery­one can mar­vel at what a nice wel­com­ing coun­try Scot­land is. The world is watch­ing and won­der­ing why we don’t al­ready pro­vide this.

fc Well done UK Govern­ment .... sav­ing the peo­ple of Scot­land money.

British and in Scot­land £65 for a “set­tled sta­tus fee”. Hardly go­ing to break the bank is it? Also, if she were that con­cerned about it she should as­sume full re­spon­si­bil­ity for promis­ing some­thing that was not hers to prom­ise and apol­o­gise. Not only that pay for the fees di­rectly our of SNP funds, not tax­pay­ers’ if she’s still go­ing to value EU work­ers’ con­tri­bu­tions.

In­gin John­nie Noise... any­thing to cre­ate a griev­ance... I’ve not read

or heard any com­plaints from peo­ple ef­fected and where does Stur­geon get off with promis­ing that “her” govern­ment would pick up the cost?

chock­ablock What, they are not com­ing here be­cause they have to pay £65?!

dou­glas law­son Think food banks? Now think 13,000 x £65 = £845,000. Would a do­na­tion to a good cause of £845,000 to food banks not be bet­ter than do­nat­ing £65 to per­son who has a job and took that job be­cause they are bet­ter off than they would have been back in their home coun­try? SNP dole out other peo­ple’s

money and take credit for do­ing so!

I know you know We have record num­ber of Scots home­less and the pub­lic ser­vices are fall­ing apart yet our “na­tion­al­ist” ve­nal govern­ment use hard­work­ing Scots tax­pay­ers’ money on for­eign­ers when we have so many of our own ei­ther un­em­ployed or un­der em­ployed.

Thomas Aiken­head Sim­ple ques­tion, why should we pay it (and let the SNP take credit) if other coun­tries would not do the same and they don’t?

Itzi Bitzi There goes Nicky again. Bawlin’ and greetin’ be­cause she wasn’t al­lowed to throw the tax­pay­ers money about like con­fetti. Just as well we’re part of the UK. God help Scot­land should the SNP ever be given full charge.

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