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In an­swer to John Milne, who asks (Let­ters, 11 Jan­uary), for de­tails of ex­pert opin­ion against the pu­ta­tive rel­e­vance in caus­ing cli­mate changes of an­thro­pogenic global warm­ing (AGW), he should con­sider the names of the Global Warm­ing Pol­icy Foun­da­tion’s aca­demic ad­vi­sory panel, in par­tic­u­lar those of Pro­fes­sors Free­man Dyson and Richard Lindzen and Dr Matt Ri­d­ley, then re­fer to their pub­lished work.

One should also re­mem­ber Al­bert Ein­stein fa­mously stat­ing that, were he ever in er­ror sci­en­tif­i­cally, only one con­trary, cor­rect opin­ion would suf­fice to negate his view!

As to my own “agenda,” it is that those in po­lit­i­cal charge and sci­en­tists must be guided by the truths re­gard­ing AGW rather than the near-hys­ter­i­cal warn­ings so of­ten voiced by cli­mate catas­trophists, no­tably ex-us vice-pres­i­dent Al Gore.

Oth­er­wise we in the UK will con­tinue to mis­use our re­sources on a very costly wild goose chase, with no chance of pre­vent­ing AGW.

(DR) CHARLES WARDROP View­lands Road West, Perth The Green fa­nat­ics with their Cli­mate Change Act are lifewreck­ers for the 4,500 work­ers who will soon lose their jobs at Jaguar Land Rover, plus, of course, the 1,000 who have al­ready done so be­cause of politi­cians de­cid­ing that petrol and diesel cars would be phased out just to please the fan­tasies of their Green friends.

Al­ready be­cause of ex­pen­sive Green elec­tric­ity we have lost alu­minium man­u­fac­ture, pa­per­mak­ing, Miche­lin tyres and so on. Does no­body no­tice this dam­age, or is Green a new re­li­gion that does not have any eco­nomic or so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity?


Game­keep­ers Road, Kin­ness­wood, Kin­ross

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