Bot­tling it


So... we’re be­ing told that from 2021 we’re go­ing to get 20p back on most glass and plas­tic bot­tles when we re­turn them to where we bought them.

A fine i dea, I’m sure, but like the idea of tax­ing park­ing spaces, it’s a “green” non­star t er! Hand­ing back t he bot­tles is the easy part of the deal... get­ting the cash­back side of things right is highly prob­lem­atic.

Are s up e r mar­ket s r e a l - ly go­ing to hire mem­bers of staff to man the doors close to empty crates marked “glass” and “plas­tic” and along­side a till full of 20p coins to hand back? I think not!

Is your lo­cal pub­li­can go­ing to stop serv­ing at the bar on a busy Satur­day night just to re­turn to you 80p for the four empty wine and beer bot­tles you’ve “said” you’ve just put into the bot­tle bins at the side of his pub? I think not!

Cer­tainly in Fife, both used glass and plas­tic bot­tles are han­dled per­fectly well from the re­cy­cling point of view so why com­pli­cate some­thing that works?

And as for the “green” part of this new is­sue, are we to have even more bulky ve­hi­cles trundling back and forth on our roads with those bot­tles and gen­er­at­ing even more diesel fumes? I thought that was the very thing that the Greens ab­horred!


Church Wynd Kings­ket­tle, Fife

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