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1. With which sport was Ha­keem Ola­ju­won as­so­ci­ated?

2. Which nun won the No­bel prize for peace in 1979?

3. Who was Stan Lau­rel's com­edy part­ner? 4. What name is given to a sheep less than one year old?

5. Which prin­ci­pal­ity was ruled by Prince Rainier III?

6. What sort of clay takes its name from the Ital­ian for ' baked earth'?

7. Which south­ern Ger­man city is fa­mous for its Ok­to­ber­fest fes­ti­val?

8. What name is given to pre­cip­i­ta­tion of liq­uid water drops with di­am­e­ters greater than 0.5 mm?

9. With which art move­ment was glass­maker René Lalique as­so­ci­ated?

10. What is the state cap­i­tal of Ok­la­homa?

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