The Scotsman : 2019-05-11



7 THE SCOTSMAN Saturday 11 May 2019 SCOTSMAN. COM @ THESCOTSMA­N Holyrood chief urges rethink on way MSPS are elected ( PR)/ first- past- the- post system that is used. Scots have two votes to elect their MSPS. The first produces the 73 traditiona­l ‘ first- pastthe- post’ constituen­cy MSPS, while the other returns the 59 regional list members who are elected through a proportion­al representa­tion system. “I t ’s a c o mpl i c a t e d s y s - tem,” Sir Paul told a national newspaper. “Do people really understand? It is hard to understand d’hondt [ the system which allocates list seats]. “It works in the sense that it retains the constituen­cy link, which I think was felt to be important. “But it’s naturally a hybrid. It’s not pure proportion­al representa­tion, so that complexity is a question mark over it still.” He was speaking as Holyrood approaches t he 20th anniversar­y of its first sitting t omorrow and also raised concerns that parties can be expected to form a government within a week after Holyrood elections when there is “no clear winner”. Sir Paul said: “I genuinely think it’ll take time to bed down or there will be a bit of a different electoral system. What I don’t think will happen is that we’ll give up and think ‘ well actually, let’s just go back to winner- takes- all first- pastthe- post’.” SCOTT MACNAB By The system used to elect MSPS has been called into question by the head of the Scottish Parliament, who admits the process is “hard to understand”. Holyrood’s chief executive Sir Paul Grice also suggested there should be a more collegiate approach between political parties under the hybrid proportion­al representa­tion Sir Paul Grice: Parties should have a more collegiate approach 0

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