1 Not found on top form, so on course to score more than reg­u­la­tion ... (5,3)

5 ... but found the right pos­ture to play on course (6)

10 Take ages to get round awk­ward and per­ilous sit­u­a­tion (9)

11 Is about to im­pose a limit to go over the main points again (5)

12 Start­ing to put old writer in good or­der (7) 13 Took it for granted, hav­ing pre­tended to have some­thing (7)

14 Aimed at a small shield held in front of a boy (8)

17 De­tected an odour from a sal­mon-like fish (5)

19 Did ev­ery­one re­turn to the first part of 15 down? (5)

21 Caught rec­tors out, so sets them right (8) 24 Be­haves badly, but per­forms in the open air at some stage (4,3)

25 The con­stituent el­e­ments can be of great sig­nif­i­cance (7)

27 A small firm took on a left-winger for his set of be­liefs (5)

28 Have lit­tle time to spare to chop up veg­eta­bles into small cubes (3,2,4)

29 May trem­ble with ex­cite­ment, but is still in­de­ci­sive (6)

30 Of­fers gifts, for the time be­ing, to a lead­ing sea­man (8)


1 It’s wrong to get 19 across for im­moral char­ac­ter (3,3)

2 Left an African party at the end with a cavalry weapon (5)

3 Cry­ing out for a lit­tle power to pro­duce gin (7)

4 At a dis­tant date through­out (5) 6 Forces son to fol­low with de­ter­mi­na­tion (7) 7 A small num­ber may ex­press an opin­ion, but they have noth­ing to say (2,7)

8 Send forth deputy, in short, to exit Euro­pean or­gan­i­sa­tion (8)

9 Did one de­fame some­one from Is­lay or Jura, say (8)

15 Share a piece of ground di­vided up for cul­ti­va­tion (9)

16 Beat small nail on sig­nals used to check the odds (4-4)

18 Was poised to reg­u­late a watch, for in­stance, by day (8)

20 A cou­ple may have a lot to dis­cuss in a tetea-tete (4,3)

22 Some landed prop­er­ties in the east­ern USA (7)

23 Es­ti­mate the value of a fe­male beast of bur­den (6)

25 Mea­sur­ing in­stru­ment used in some territorie­s (5)

26 The Span­ish boy was re­lated to an English es­say­ist (5)

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