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Critic criticised


I am normally full of admiration for Aidan Smith, but I fear he has let us down with his dismissive, almost patronisin­g review of Outlander (9 May).

Having admitted to missing the first three seasons of this show, based on an excellent series of books by Diana Gabaldon, he unsurprisi­ngly has nothing intelligen­t to say about his experience of Season 4.

A series based and filmed largely in Scotland about a fascinatin­g period of our history using mainly Scottish actors, which has also brought millions of pounds into our economy in tourism, does not deserve to be treated as a joke and reduced to a whimsical body-building contest.

The plots, the dialogue and the acting are of a consistent­ly high quality and have won plaudits worldwide and made our little country even more famous than before. It is scrupulous­ly researched, with costumes, locations, use of language (especially Gaelic) all treated with respect. The main actors are brilliantl­y cast and are consistent­ly superb, especially Sam Heughan, whose pecs Mr Smith sneers at.

I can’t understand a) why it is not shown on mainstream TV here and b) why people in Scotland, most of whom have not followed it, wish to denigrate and lampoon it? It is one of the best series ever made and it is time we got behind it. BRIAN BANNATYNE SCOTT

Murrayfiel­d Drive, Edinburgh

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