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VE Day tribute


As the four nations of the UK (not “the country”, as we are now routinely described), remember VE Day, how much better it would have been had we been doing so as a part of a respectful and in some places contrite portion of a European Union.

How much does this ramping-up of that past have to do with normalisin­g Brexit? And how much has it to do with slowing Scotland’s progress to normal nationhood?

And how very appropriat­e for Scotland would it be to remember that 80 years ago in June, as all the other British forces evacuated France at Dunkirk, the 51st Highland Division was left behind.

It fought on with the French army and then fought with the Free French forces after France had officially surrendere­d to the German army.

General Charles de Gaulle recorded that it was the bravery of the 51st Highland Division that persuaded him and the Free French forces to continue fighting.

It is not only Robert the Bruce’s troops assistance to Joan of Arc at the siege of Orleans nearly 600 years ago that provides the historical French affection for Ecosse but the

more recent courage of the 51st Highland Division in 1940.

Surely we should jointly mark this. DAVID MCEWAN HILL

Sandbank, Argyll

What hypocrisy of Prince Charles to lead the nation’s VE Day celebratio­ns from Balmoral, where he fled in defiance of Covid-19 regulation­s. Scotland’s chief medical officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood, had to resign for a similar breach of the rules as did England’s Neil Ferguson.

COLIN MCALLISTER South Street, St Andrews

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