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Births: 1888 Irving Berlin, American song writer; 1889 Paul Nash, artist; 1892 Dame Margaret Rutherford, actress; 1894 Martha Graham, dancerchor­eographer; 1912 Phil Silvers, comedy actor; 1922 Eve Boswell, singer; 1963 Natasha Richardson, stage and screen actress.

Deaths: 1778 William Pitt the Elder, first Earl of Chatham, statesman 1871 Sir John Herschel, pioneer of celestial photograph­y; 1848 Tom Cribb, prizefight­er; 1916 Max Reger, composer; 1979 Barbara Hutton, heiress; 1981 Bob Marley, reggae musician; 1988 Harold “Kim” Philby, double agent; 2001 Douglas Adams, author (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy); 2004 Alf Valentine, cricketer; 2006 Floyd Patterson, world boxing champion; 2008 Jeff Torrington, Gorbals-born writer (Swing, Hammer, Swing.

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